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Easy to follow Thai Red Curry Recipe!
A good place to take your Thai cooking game to the next level would be with Mae Ploy พริกแกงแม่พลอย น้ำจิ้มแม่พลอย's various Curry Paste! No need for mortar & pestle and food processors. Enjoy the conveniences of Thai Curry with Mae Ploy today!..
How to make quick and easy air-fried Moo Ping!
Moo Ping, or Thai grilled pork skewers is marinated pork collar in pounded coriander roots, peppers and garlic which is then grilled over a charcoal BBQ. Haven't had a chance to visit Bangkok lately? Just make your own at home!All set to make your own Moo Ping at home? You may do so with our extensive range of Megachef products!Click HERE to purchase Megachef Premium Oyster SauceClick HERE to purchase Megachef Light Soy SauceClick HERE to purchase Megachef Premium Dark Soy SauceClick HERE to purchase Chao Koh Coconut MilkClick HERE if you also require a mortar and pestle be..
Super Simple Thai Coconut Shake!
Coconut shave cravings? Long queues? 5 bucks for a cup? We reckon you know what's best. With just a few simple ingredients (Chao Koh - 100% Coconut milk included), you can make your own coconut shake daily at home! Click HERE to purchase Chaokoh Coconut Milk..
3 Lesser Known Thai Snacks You Must Try
Venturing into the world of Thai snacks can be an intimidating one with an overwhelming variety to choose from. With minimal calories to spare, let us now dive into the depths of the lesser-known Thai snacks which you should at least try once in your lifetime.1.  Fashion Food Paprika PACKAGING: Let us begin by first addressing the elephant in the room. Even though there are jalapenos plastered all over the packaging, none are used except for paprika. But rest assure these chips DID NOT skimp on paprika.WHAT DID IT TASTE LIKE: People who enjoy a crispy po..
Sriracha - Why you need it in your life

Find out why you need to incorporate sriracha to your keto diet!

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